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The name VOLTA pays tribute to Alessandro Volta, the ingenious 18th Century professor of physics, who created the battery and did pioneering work in the understanding of electricity.

Volta's contribution to science is reflected in the term "volt", meaning the measurement of electrical potential. In turn, it is fitting that VOLTA graduates reflect their potential to contribute to the electrical power distribution industry.
Welcome to VOLTA!
"...providing the first step to a higher level of skill, responsibility and income in the Outside Electrical Industry"
The VOLTA Program
The Vocational Outside Line Training Academy has grown from the success of the outside line industry's principal training organization in the Pacific Northwest. The NW Line JATC, was formed in 1957. It provides comprehensive training for experienced line workers who are advancing toward their outside electrical construction industry Journeyman status.
VOLTA's Training Objectives
This entry-level lineworker program prepares workers to enter the Outside Line industry with the basic knowledge of electrical systems, equipment, and safety to satisfy initial employment requirements. Employment skills learned will prepare students for power lineworker, power line clearance, and power ground worker positions.
The VOLTA System
Admission Requirements, Tuition and Expenses

VOLTA is licensed through the State of Oregon's Department of Education as a private, non-profit vocational training school.

VOLTA encourages anyone who is interested in learning a high-paying skilled trade to apply. The program focuses on skills for the new worker and for the experienced worker who is changing occupations.
The Staff & Advisors
The VOLTA program is staffed by instructors who are Journeyman level workers, active in the industry. You learn from those who have first hand experience-people who are "hands-on" with dozens of years in the field.