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What VOLTA Offers
VOLTA offers students a solid, initial career step with multiple opportunities to pursue in the Outside Electrical Industry. Class content address both the need for electrical lineworkers and the need for industry related workers.

This include positions such as:
- Line and Tree Crew Helpers
- Apprentice Tree Trimmers
- Apprentice Line Workers
- Equipment Operators for Digger/Derricks, Cranes, Backhoes

At VOLTA, students will also have an overview of the line trade opportunities. As you seek employment and develop advanced skills on the job, VOLTA graduates will know what to expect from registered apprenticeship programs that are sponsored by professional contractors.

Graduates will understand the requirements of legitimate sponsors and be ale to draw on the resources and support from the IBEW / NECA
I. The VOLTA Program
"The VOLTA Program: Training in entry-level skills for job placement in the outside line industry"
About the VOLTA Program
VOLTA is a new undertaking within this well established association. NW Line JATC recognizes that industry growth continues to demand trained newcomers for entry level positions. In 2003, it authorized the design and creation of a private vocational school under the sponsorship of NW Line JATC, the joint training partnership of the IBEW and NECA. Planning succeeded in 2004 when the Oregon State Department of Education accepted VOLTA's application and certified the new vocational school.
Industry Based
NW Line JATC is an industry-based, non-profit association of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This joint venture assures that the needs of both groups are met by training a labor force of highly skilled electrical workers who are current with the changing technology of power delivery.
VOLTA's Training Objectives
The entry-level lineworker program prepares students to enter the Outside Line industry with the basic knowledge of electrical systems, equipment, and safety to satisfy initial employment requirements. Employment skills learned will prepare students for power lineworker, power line clearance, and power ground worker positions.
What's In It for Me?
The Outside Electrical Industry is experiencing many changes: deregulation, utility and contractor consolidation, new utility workforce strategies, skilled labor shortages, and required federal and state OSHA safety training. Contractors and Unions are faced with new market challenges to supply a more mobile, flexible, and highly trained workforce. Contractors are feeling the need to provide more rigorous on-the-job training for their apprentices and journeymen. As a result, they want entry level employees who are immediately prepared to be safe, productive workers capable of moving into apprenticeship programs.
The VOLTA Answer
To meet new demands of a skilled workforce, IBEW / NECA has established itself as a training and educational leader in the Outside Electrical Industry. Starting with an entry level program at Camp Rilea, students can begin working toward a career with progressively higher skill, responsibility and income potential.
Opportunities for advancement in the Outside Line Industry are growing as the number of line workers retiring increases.

From the local level to the National Electrical Grid, there are openings for safe, skilled workers.