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Show me the money!
As you progress through the Outside Line apprenticeship program you will make an incredible amount of money for while becoming a Journeyman of the trade.

For Example
Consider the following hours completed while working through your 7 pay scales as an apprentice. Each scale earns a higher percentage of the contractual Journeyman wage.

Step 1 60% x 1,000 Hours = $28,690

Step 2 63% x 1,000 Hours = $30,120
Step 3 67% x 1,000 Hours = $32,030
Step 4 72% x 1,000 Hours = $34,420
Step 5 78% x 1,000 Hours = $37,290
Step 6 86% x 1,000 Hours = $41,120
Step 7 90% x 1,000 Hours = $43,030

Totals $246,700

Divided by 4 years = $61,675
Divided by 3.5 yrs = $70,485

Plus Your Benefits!
NEAB ($5.05 per hour) = $35,350
NEBF (3% of wage) = $7,401
LINECO ($5.00 per hour) = $35,000

Totals $324,451

Divided by 4 years = $81,112
Divided by 3.5 yrs = $108,150

Wages and Benefits
Being treated as a full-time employee not only assures you of an adequate wage, but also provides a range of benefits associated with full-time employment.

The Outside Electrical Lineman Apprenticeship is an ‘EARN while you LEARN’ program.

The apprenticeship is broken down into seven steps, of 1000 hours per step. Each step marks the apprentice’s progression through their apprenticeship.

The apprentices’ hourly wage is based on a percentage of the negotiated journeyman’s wages. At each step the apprentice receives an incremental increase in their wage. The break down is outlined below.
Current Journeyman Wage: $50.72 (as of 2-1-17)
1st Step 1000 hours 60% of Journeyman Wage
2nd Step 2000 hours 63% of Journeyman Wage
3rd Step 3000 hours 67% of Journeyman Wage
4th Step 4000 hours 72% of Journeyman Wage
5th Step 5000 hours 78% of Journeyman Wage
6th Step 6000 hours 86% of Journeyman Wage
7th Step 7000 hours 90% of Journeyman Wage
Medical Insurance
As an apprentice or journeyman lineman, you’ll receive health insurance benefits for yourself and your dependent family, including health, dental and vision insurance. This insurance is provided 100% by the electrical industry and is not deducted from your paycheck. The health insurance plan provided allows you to see any doctor you wish, anywhere in the country.
Retirement Plans
In a time when most companies are cutting back on retirement benefits, the journeyman lineman profession offers two outstanding retirement benefits to ensure you and your family of a secure financial future.

National Electrical Annuity Plan
Under the four local agreement (IBEW locals 77, 125 483 & 659) you will receive a retirement benefit for each hour you work, which ranges from $5.05 per hour for an apprentice, to $8.85 per hour for Journeyman. This amount is paid by the electrical contractors and is not deducted from your paycheck.

National Electrical Benefit Fund
This multi-employer defined benefit plan provides monthly contributions of 3% of gross pay for electrical workers associated with participating local unions of the IBEW. Journeymen and apprentices receive the benefit as part of their compensation package when they work for a contributing employer. Vesting in the fund takes just five years. Your benefit is secure once you have earned five service credits. Generally, you earn one service credit a year.
College Credit
Because your apprenticeship is more than just on-the-job training, you are eligible to earn college credit issued by the American Council of Education (ACE).
Veterans may be eligible for educational benefits while working their way through the apprenticeship program. Once you have been indentured, our Certifying Official will work with you to get your benefit claim going.
Benefits Inlcude
Full medical, dental & vision for the apprentice and their immediate family, a defined pension program and an annuity plan, all fully funded by the apprentice’s employer.